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                      If you are interested in a dog on this list, please go to the Online Adoption Screening Form above, fill it out completely and submit it.  Once it is received, you will be "in the system" and will be contacted via email about the dog you are interested in.  Please be aware that the dog you are interested in may not be a good fit for your circumstances.  We will discuss this with you so you understand what is the best for you and the dog. 

Please be patient. Not all dogs available are listed on the website.  When a dog becomes available we first contact people that have submitted applications if the dog is suited to their household.

Again if you are serious about adopting an Alaskan Malamute please have a bit more patience than the breed itself, we are sure that the right dog will become available. 

We have tried to keep our adoption fees as low as possible, but due to the lack of foster homes we have kenneling fees along with the escalating prices of routine medical care, spaying and neutering of large dogs we need to require an adoption fee of    $ 350.00 - $ 500.00.  The fees do vary depending on the age and costs of the dog.

If you are unable to adopt but would like to make a donation to help us care and find homes for these dogs, you may make a secure online  donation using a credit card or check.  We are a non profit corporation but we are not a 501c3 and unfortunately the donations are not tax deductible.   Every little bit does help.  



 MUSH and the rescues would like to thank everyone who have made donations this year and we hope you will continue to give your financial support, but if this is not possible, please think about fostering.  Each rescue is unique in their situations, but loving dogs none the less.  If they aren't the dog for you, please tell others you feel may be interested.   As mentioned above we are a not for profit organization, but unfortunately not a 501c where your donations are tax deductible, but we hope you will find it in your hearts to give whatever you can to help us continue to save others.




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Available for Adoption




Luna is a 6 year old female spayed Malamute. She is looking for a home where she is the only dog. She would do best in a one on one situation with an experienced owner. Luna is a dominant female, and knows basic commands. Luna loves water, toys, is crate trained and would make a great hiking companion. We feel Luna would be excellent for someone that lives alone out in the country, would like the comfort of having a large dog and lives a quiet lifestyle. Luna is a sweet girl that needs someone that will give her the love that she deserves. 




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Scammander is the most loyal and loving dog.  Scammander was originally adopted to be a service dog for a young teen but sadly they didnít have  enough space for him to run and play. He was doing a great job as a service dog and was still in training. He is aprox. 10 months old, 100 pounds, has eyes as golden as the sun, and has a beautiful, healthy, full red and white coat. While in his previous home he lived with one adult, one teenager, another dog,  and one cat.





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Silver is a 2 and a half year old male neutered Malamute. He is a very active boy and is looking to be the center of a families universe. Silver does well with older kids and other dogs. He would make a great running partner too. Silver needs someone who is patient and will let him warm up to you as he is shy of new surroundings and people at first. A basic obedience course would help build your relationship with Silver as he does really want to please and trust. 




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