(Malamutes Unsettled Seeking Homes)

MUSH is the rescue and referral division of NCAMA

What is rescue?

Many times, due to unforeseen circumstances, Malamutes must be given up for adoption from their homes. It may be due to death or divorce, or it may be that the dog is just not right for the person's needs.  Many of these Malamutes wind up in shelters all over Northern California.  Each Malamute is evaluated for health and temperament before being placed in a home.

We try to help all the dogs and families that we can. but we need your help.  We are always in need of  volunteers to evaluate and/or transport dogs to and from various locations around Northern California.  Of course, donations of dog food, supplies and money are always welcome too.  We spend a lot of money on boarding for the rescue dogs and this can become very expensive.  Unfortunately we are not a 501c3 so donations are not tax deductible.  If you would like your donation to be tax deductible please contact :

Granite Bay Kennels  916-791-1545

For those needing a tax deductible donation you can send a check to our sister group Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral of CA (SHRRCA) put a note or in the memo Donation for MUSH (Montana Mals )
PO Box 1231
Danville CA, 94526



MUSH is in URGENT need of financial assistance and foster homes.

The high volume of Malamutes showing up at the shelters and being surrendered by their owners has forced us to house many of our rescues in kennels. 

We are trying to keep our adoption fees at a reasonable rate.  Adoption fees range from $350.00 to the high end of $500.00 for puppies, but in most cases this does not cover the costs of neutering/spaying, vaccinations, or any medical care some of these rescues need and does not cover any kennel fees. 

If you can offer your time and home as a foster parent or provide financial assistance please contact

Granite Bay Kennesl   916-791-1545




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                           Look at this face !  You may be seeing a lot more of her when this banner is hanging in a neighborhood Pet Food Express !  

By  making a $250 donation to MUSH  through the Pet Food Express  "My Mutt Program", you wi ll get a photo of your pet on a banner in a Pet Food Express store!




Please also visit :  http://rescue.sitstay.com

Contact Rescue:

Sharon Frost   916-791-1545


   Toll Free Hotline phone number: (800) 399-8155

Email address to contact us: rescue@ncama.org                                        




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